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They may seem small and insignificant, but your garage door remotes are wonderful, helpful items that come in handy in the best ways; they are often more important than you realize. One of the first things we do is make sure you have a proper garage door remote that functions with the existing door you have. Additionally, if your remote isn’t working, we can educate you on what the problem could be and how it needs to be fixed. For example, your garage door needs new batteries, unblocking the connection, or a new remote altogether!

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We take our time to ensure no detail, big or small, is left behind, and we offer garage services you can be proud of:

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In many homes, garages are replacing front doors

Your garage door gets increasingly used daily, especially if you lead a busy lifestyle or run a business. Interestingly, on average, garage doors can open about 3-5 times a day – an average of 1,500 times a year! Many homeowners use these doors more than their front doors to get in and out. Doing so makes having a functional garage door remote even more crucial.

Automatic door openers run on radio transmission

More happens when you push the button to open your garage door than you realize. The remote you hold is the key to making it all work properly; your garage door wouldn’t do much good without it. The garage door opener is operated by a radio transmission, the remote to the door, which then sends radio signals back to the receiver inside the opener.

Nothing in your home or business property should be irritating or difficult to operate, so we’re here to ensure they don’t. We are skilled and offer our garage door remote services in Orange County and surrounding areas! Royale Garage Door Service Inc. – Opening doors with quality solutions!

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