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Everyone who has ever had a garage door that could open automatically knows the kind of ease and efficiency that comes with it. However, you also understand the frustration when the doors or garage door openers cease to work properly. We can offer you brand-new openers that are guaranteed to work or repair existing ones you are already familiar with. If you begin to notice issues with your garage door opener, don’t hesitate to reach out – there’s no need for you to live in frustration or fear that you won’t be able to get into your garage!

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Repairs are fairly easy to make

Regarding repairs we make daily, garage door openers aren’t at the top of the list of complicated jobs. After all, they are a small accessory to your garage door. When garage door openers start to falter, it’s usually due to a broken antenna or the remote or sensor signal interrupted by a blockage. Unfortunately, these repairs are nothing for our team to make for you!

There are options to choose from

There are multiple types of garage doors and openers to choose from, as well as ones that will work best with your garage door. Chain-drive openers are very common; however, they are louder and more clunky due to the metal-on-metal contact. The next common type would be belt-drive openers, which use a rubber belt rather than a chain for a smoother opening. Other types are commonly used; if you want to know which your door has or how repairs differ, we can help you out!

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